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Johanna was born in the Philippines, lived, worked, and studied in New Zealand, and then moved to Australia. While in between jobs, Johanna had a chance to work as a volunteer English teacher for migrants in New Zealand.  This experience gave her so much satisfaction and sparked her interest in helping migrants.

As a migrant herself, Johanna understands the importance of getting the correct advice that will give you the best chance of getting your visa approved. It is also important to talk to someone who can effectively communicate with you because migration is a personal matter and it can be an emotional process.

Johanna has over 15 years of work experience in Marketing and Communications in various industries including IT, Telecommunications, Finance, and Surveillance. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, a Masters in International Business from Auckland University, and a Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice from Victoria University, Johanna’s industry and academic knowledge are put in practice as she deals with client’s individual circumstances.

Johanna is passionate in helping migrants and firmly believes that getting your visa approved is just the start a long-term and meaningful relationship.

With Johanna’s recent admission as a Legal Practitioner in Australia, we can cater to your needs for other law matters such as divorce, wills, conveyancing, employment law, and other areas of law through Dragon Legal Services.

Johanna Bertumen Nonato
CEO/Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1386856)/Legal Practitioner(P0056857)

Our mission is to help our clients reach their dream of living in Australia.

Vision: To be our clients’ family away from home.


We believe that family comes first. In a family, there is love, care, and trust for each other. This is how we treat our clients. We embrace them as part of our family. We keep in touch and we genuinely care for our clients’ welfare. Getting a visa approval is just the first step of our long and meaningful relationship with our clients.


We enjoy being there in our clients journey to Australia, whether to visit, study, work or to live and settle here permanently. We look forward in celebrating every step of our clients’ new beginnings in Australia. Whether you get your visa approved, get a job offer, bought a car or found a new place to stay, these kind of news will always make our hearts smile.


Trust is earned through consistently giving out successful results, being competent, and maintaining expertise. We have a good track record of keeping our promises, ensuring compliance, and consistently educating ourselves with the ever changing migration regulations.

Our team

Iris Bernardini Mizumoto

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 2117607)

Iris provides advice to our clients during consultation sessions, reviews the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of our applications, finalises and lodges our visa applications, and acts as our clients’ advocate with the Department of Home Affairs.  Iris used to practice as a Lawyer in Brazil, therefore, she handles our clients’ migration cases with ease.

Outside work, Iris is busy juggling her family responsibilities especially with her two lovely daughters.

Shaine Monreal

Shaine prepares clients’ PR visa applications at BridgeAus. When not scheduling and leading weekly updates, she also oversees the Bridgeaus website traffic and attends to the concerns of the team.

After work, Shaine usually goes straight to her classes and on holidays she binge-watches TV series on Netflix. On weekends she walks and plays with her dog. She’s teaching herself how to play the ukelele.

Mary Grace Dela Paz

Grace is our Country Marketing Manager. She has held this position since the start. She has seen and gone through the best and challenging times of the company.

In her spare time, Grace looks after her family and business 24-7.

Mel Turao

Mel conducts BridgeAus’s customized PTE review classes; he writes content for the company website (having authored six books) and moonlights as editor of the staff’s corporate correspondence.

Outside the training room, Mel walks for hours under the sun, sometimes with a dog, most times all by himself. He is at work on his third book of poetry about tramps and unschooled folks who can heal the sick and raise the dead back to life.

Charmei Napatang

Charmei is the voice our clients hear over the phone most of the time: She handles temporary visa applications, answer inquiries through calls, emails, FB page, and website. No consultation gets scheduled without going through her. 

Charmei loves to lounge around and splurge on me-time on her days off.

Samantha Shanne Hermosa

When not deep at work on skills assessment, she creates quotes and client agreements,  as well as other required forms that provide a smooth sailing experience for BridgeAus clients. 

As a former online English teacher, Samantha has a soft spot for foreign languages.  

Hazy Grace Suplico

Hazy breaks down in easy terms all details of documents and forms used for client applications; she then arranges and stores these files so they go through the correct procedure all the way to the end of the process.

On weekends you’ll find Hazy hooked on Netflix specials, particularly on cooking and exotic foods. If time permits, she loves to go on unplanned long rides and travels.

Kimberly Elumba

Kimberley works on skills assessments, creates quotes and client agreements. She helps as well with other required forms that give a hassle-free experience for BridgeAus clients.

On easy days, Kim uses her hands to create something out of almost nothing: She’s made scrapbooks, jars, flower pots, and rugs which are all eye-worthy for those on the lookout for craftsmanship.

Sophia Muzones

Sophia’s primary responsibilities involve saving documents and organizing files that clients provide. Once we accumulate enough documents, she begin working on their visa application forms.

During weekends or in her leisure time, she typically enjoy watching anime and Korean dramas.

Additionally, She has been working on a few crochet projects.

Jovanne Basilan

Jovanne is our Sales/Marketing Assistant based in the Bicol Region. Her daily responsibilities involve promptly addressing inquiries from our website and Facebook page. Additionally, she is responsible for generating and dispatching invoices and payment receipts to our clients. Jovanne also takes on the task of event planning, for events happening in Bicol.

Outside of her working hours, Jovanne finds joy spending time talking and playing with her dogs. She also enjoys long car ride while listening to good music.

Jojie Berdejo

Jojie is responsible for handling inquiries regarding course study options, corresponding with clients via email, and diligently following up to secure the necessary documents for their consultations. Additionally, she is adept at crafting quotes and client agreements.

During her free time, she finds pleasure in watching K-dramas and spends time with the younger members of her church community.

Ivan Raymundo

Ivan’s responsibilities include the preparation and creation of quotes and client agreements, as well as document identification to ensure the authenticity and compliance of provided documents with specified requirements.

After work, he typically unwinds by taking a nap, binge-watching TikTok videos, playing mobile games, and cherishing quality time with family and friends.