Preparation is key to getting your target PTE score. Depending on your stock English proficiency skills, an intensive review of 15 days is highly recommended (including a mock test). The PTE mock test (purchasable on the official site) simulates the test-taking experience up to the last detail. Therefore, the result provides a telling picture of your English language proficiency.

Registration and Booking

To book your PTE, go to the official PTE site (  Once on the site, you need to do the following:

  1. Create an account (Click STEP 1Create your account) 
  2. Read the instructions carefully.  
  3. Write in all details required.
  4. Use an active email address.
  5. In creating a username and password, think of easy-to-remember words or word-number combinations.  
  6. Write in your personal details as they appear on your identification documents (passport and employment ID).  
  7. For booking payment options, have your credit card ready. Any field you leave blank will be highlighted in red.  Take your time. 

Confirmation of Booking   

After booking, you will receive a confirmation through your email address.   

The confirmation contains information about your test date, the location (and map) of the test center, PTE ID Policy,  and some reminders on what to do on test day. 

Read your PTE Order Number carefully. Print a copy of the confirmation: You may have to present this as proof before entering the premises of the test center. You will receive confirmation of payment (billing statement) on the same day.     

What to do on Test Day

Time is of the essence.  If you’re taking the PTE in Cebu or Manila, you have to get there at least a day before to be able to see the test center and its whereabouts.   Where you stay is equally crucial too. You don’t want to come late or stressed due to bad traffic on test day. 

Proof of Identification at the Test Center 

Some 30 minutes before the test starts, you will be ushered into the test center. Once inside, you will be asked by the invigilators to show the following: 

  1. Passport
  2. Employment ID
  3. Any government-issued ID    

Next, you will be asked to read and sign the Test Taker Rules and Agreement.  After which, your biometrics will be collected including your electronic signature, palm vein screening, and a photograph (an invigilator will take your picture).  You will then be asked to deposit your personal effects in a locker. No mobile phones are allowed in the test room. You will be led to the test room and made to sit in designated chair. You will be provided an erasable note booklet and pen. You will be instructed to read the Nondisclosure Agreement on the PC. 

During the Test 

Next the screen will guide you through an equipment check: Make sure your headset and microphones are working.  Record your voice and replay it to check. If everything is in place, you can opt to start the test or not click the Start button if you are not ready.  Remember that the first part is  Speaking, so expect voices (which could distract you) in the test room. In case you encounter issues with the PC, test items or the screen clock, raise you right hand. The test room is monitored by CCTV so invigilators can come in any time to address your concern.        

Just before you proceed to the second part (Reading) you can opt to take a 10-minute break.  You will see a prompt containing this information on the computer screen.       

Finishing the test  

After completing the test, the invigilator will check the PC to make sure you have finished the test. Your file (answers) will be saved on the PC using your test taker’s name. Return your erasable note booklet and pen to the test administrator. From here on you can take your personal effects from the locker and exit the test center.            


Except in rare cases, your PTE results will be out in 5 working days. You will get confirmation of your PTE results on your email. The message comes with a link that will help you access your  score on your account’s  “View Score Report” page.  Use the same login credentials as the ones you used to create a PTE account.  

Not Happy with your Score? 

You may request a rescore, but before doing so please consider the following: Being a computer-scored test, PTE guarantees objectivity and precision in its scoring algorithm. A rescoring will not change your overall score. If your request for a rescoring comes through at all, only spoken and open-ended answers will be rescored. Many times scores tend to decrease rather than increase after a rescoring.  If the score does change, it will be reprinted with your original score.       


To request for a paid rescore, you must contact Pearson Customer Service within 14 calendar days. The fee for rescores is available from the Customer Service team. If any of your Overall, Communicative Skills or Enabling Skills scores change, the rescore fee will be fully refunded.