Bridgit sounds and reads like  a portmanteau of Bridge Australia. But more than that, Bridgit is the official mascot of Bridge Australia Migration Consultancy.  In a short time after Bridgit was conceived, she has gone places. She has gone to Iloilo City, Philippines to welcome and regale Bridge Australia’s guests at its Education and Migration Expo on  May 18, 2019. According to the hundreds who came, Bridgit—and the event- -were  smashing! 

Bridgit’s job description carries with it ambassadorial functions. Which is why, you can expect to see more and more of her  this year and the next.  Mascots do have something serious to do sometimes.  For the rest of the year, for instance, Bridgit, will be working closely with Bridge Australia on a major project billed “Trivia Australia”. 

Trivia what?  BridgeAus Migration Consultancy presents three trivia questions every month.  Answer these three trivia questions every month for the whole quarter and win prizes!

Game Mechanics:

  1. Questions will be posted on Bridge Australia’s FB page every month per quarter.
  2. Each quarter has a trivia theme– it may be a place, food, people, things, and animals.
  3. Leave a comment on our FB post trivia by saying, “I love Bridgeaus” and  write your answer.
  4. To qualify for the grand prize,  you must join all trivia questions published every month.
  5. Participants are open to all the netizens worldwide provided that they should like the BridgeAus FB Page.

The first person who answers all 3 trivia questions correctly will win. In case of a tie, a winner will be electronically picked at random . The winner will be posted at the end of the month of every quarter.

Mascot duties aside, Bridgit will be in for some serious corporate liaison work because of this. Not only is she a potential target for photographers to be able to join the trivia game, she may be given speaking rights  to announce the winners as well.  Most of all, she is bound to have an obligatory photo-op with the  winners, whether they like it or not.