The essay below got our PTE test-taker an 83 on the essay.   Just like that, her skills profile read superior from top to bottom.   To top it all, she’s set to go to Australia this March.   What gives?      

Justine  is a licensed physical therapist.  She went to a catholic university in Iloilo known for its excellent nursing school.  But instead of studying nursing, Justine chose to major in physical therapy there.  Having attended a special science high school, she could have made it good in engineering either way.  Justine says she has always been physically active since childhood. She has this natural fascination with the outdoors and the sea– something  a well-intentioned physical therapist can use as tools to relieve a patient. 

As it is, there was little in the way of literary reads in Justine’s university curriculum. It’s a handy presumption that good writing results from one’s engagement with so-called literary texts. In fact most view it as a rule of thumb.  But nowhere in the PTE scoring system does it say one gets extra points for creative writing.  Not even written discourse under enabling skills.  What propels one’s essay to go up and burst the ceiling, is clarity of sentences and simplicity of words.                  

Just like this. 

Some people believe that the sole aim of higher education is to make people ready for employment. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Discuss.

Education is the not just learning but is an experience. Since we started our diploma degree we always think about how we can use what we learn in school to the work setting in the future. We envy middle-aged people with their dedication for work even as we walk passed them along the road. 

Yes, I agree that higher education will make us ready for employment because it will teach us the fundamentals and character of what we will be as a professional. Employment is still learning but we always need the basics of our chosen career. Education will have an overview of what to aim and expect to further our success in the future 

In my experience looking back on when I was still a student I had a hard time understanding terminologies and cases given to me by my teachers but when I finally worked in a hospital setting and was able to experience all the things that I just read in books, I was able to tell myself that going through the hardships in school was worth it. Seeing actual patients at work inspired to further my studies. 

We go through the simplest solutions and problems during our higher education to ready us to a bigger challenge when employed.

This is a no-frills, no drama, stripped down essay.  The writer is under no illusion that she is authoring a text for snooty readers. All she cares about is that she is able to get her thoughts out in a clear, straightforward way.  And, whatever argument or idea she wishes to share, she does in a concise way. Anything otherwise may fall under the category of creative writing. That’s not what PTE likes.