Non-contributory parent and other family visas are back!



A disallowance motion against the closing of Parent, Aged Parent, Remaining Relative, Carer, and Aged Dependent Relative Visas was successful.  This means that all applicants who were not able to apply due to the closing of these visas on the 2nd of June or first time applicants can now submit their application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

According to the Greens’ immigration spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, “the success of the disallowance motion means that thousands of Australian families will have a chance to reunite with relatives from around the world.”  Senator Young also said that current government should have not scrapped these visas and should not make family reunions exclusive to wealthy people.

What Senator Young meant with “exclusive to wealthy people,” is that without these non-contributory parent visas, applicants are expected to pay at least $31K visa fees, which is 7x the more than the non-contributory parent visa fees.