SA state nomination opens for offshore applications

Since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns started in March 2020, most applicants who were granted state sponsorship in support of their Permanent Residency (PR) visa application under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) stream were already in Australia holding a temporary visa at the time of lodging their application. Potential applicants who are still outside of Australia have been waiting for the Australian states to open for offshore applications.   

On 28 September 2021, South Australia opened more occupations to applicants who are currently living offshore.  This article intends to provide an overview of SA’s state nomination requirements and provide a summary of the occupations that have opened for offshore applicants.

SA’s state nomination requirements for offshore applicants

SA is accepting offshore state nomination applications for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) visa. Here are the key requirements. The applicant must:

  • genuinely intend to live long-term in SA
  • be below 45 years of age;
  • be on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List and meet the eligibility requirements for that occupation
  • have a valid skills assessment for his/her nominated occupation
  • meet SA’s work experience requirement for his/her nominated occupation
  • meet minimum English language requirement for his/her occupation 
  • meet all the criteria for the 491 visa 
  • meet the minimum points requirement (including state nomination points). Most occupations require at least sixty-five (65) total migration points but some occupations require higher scores.  See the table below for more details.

SA’s occupation list for offshore applicants

There are over 100 occupations available for offshore applications. Below is a summary of the occupations, the minimum migration points requirement, and the work experience requirement.

OccupationMigration PointsWork Experience
Farmers (Beef/Dairy/Mixed Livestock/Cattle/Pig/Poultry/Sheep/Mixed Crop/Vegetable Farmers, Grain Oilseed or Pasture Grower, Apiarist)65

8 years

Office-based roles
Sales and Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations/Corporate Services/Human Resource/Policy and Planning/Research and Development/Quality Assurance/Customer Service/ Supply and Distribution Manager, Recruitment/Management Consultant, Advertising/Marketing Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Public Relations Professional

8 years

Construction roles
Construction Project Manager, Project Builder Construction Estimator, Building Inspector, 
Maintenance Planner


8 years
5 years
Trade roles
Automotive Electrician, Motor Mechanic (General)Diesel Motor Mechanic, Sheetmetal Trades WorkerMetal Fabricator, Pressure WelderWelder, Fitter, Metal Mechanist, Panelbeater, Bricklayer, Stonemason, Carpenter, Joiner, Floor Finisher, Painting Trades Worker, GlazierFibrous/Solid Plasterer, Roof/Wall and Floor Tiler, Arborist, Landscape Gardener, Cabinet Maker

Between 2-5 years work experience depending on the role

Health and Medical roles
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Audiologist,
Speech Pathologist 
Medical Laboratory Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Laboratory Manager, Veterinarian



5 years

8 years
Agriculture/Food roles
Agricultural Consultant/Scientist
Food Technologist
658 years
Other roles
Child Care Centre/Environmental Manager,
Statistician, Geologists, Life Scientists
8 years

This table does not show the full list of occupations for offshore applicants.  South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List is available on this link. However, it shows all the occupations open for both onshore and offshore applicants.  

This is great news for people who are eligible and whose nominated occupation is included on the SA’s occupation list. It is important to note that state nomination application is a competitive process and there is no guarantee that applicants who lodged their Registration of Interest will be invited to apply even if they satisfy all the criteria.

If you plan to submit your application on your own or if you plan to get professional help, it is recommended to first seek advice from a Registered Migration Agent or an Immigration Lawyer to ensure that you are eligible and to check if you are on the right track.

(Johanna Bertumen Nonato is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN1386856) and the CEO of BridgeAus Migration Consultancy. For enquiries, email or call 0427 589 274).