BridgeAus and ETEA partnership launched







BridgeAus and ETEA’s partnership brings the following benefits to the nurses hoping to migrate to Australia from the Philippines:

  1. Understanding  your eligibility and clear path to Australian Permanent Residency
  2. Ability to enrol directly to ETEA from our office in Makati
  3. Access to a financial plan with low interest rates

The combination of these companies’ knowledge and expertise (in migration for BridgeAus and nurse education for ETEA) will bring you a higher chance of success in pursuing your dream in living in Australia as a Registered Nurse.

About ETEA

ETEA is the largest provider of Nurse bridging program, IRON, in Australia with four branches to choose from in the following cities, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney.  Many Filipino nurses hav

e graduated from ETEA and are now working as RNs in Australia.