Top 3 Migrant Attributes


You are toying with the idea of moving out of the Philippines and moving to Australia. You have done

your research and you are convinced that Australia will be your second home. However, you ask

yourself, is migration really for me? Do I have what it takes to migrate to a different country?

Now, I am not a Psychologist and I have not published any academic article about migratory behavior

and readiness, but I have here a list of attributes that I personally think a potential migrant should have.


     1. You are ready for a reset.

Moving to a new country can mean that you will be in a different job role. You might be in a Managerial

position in the Philippines in your respective field but might have to start at a lower job position when

you come to Australia. You might even get a job that is totally different from your field.

Remember when you graduated from university and you were very much excited of what the future will

bring and you were absolutely open to the opportunities that can unravel? This is the attitude you

should adapt and be ready to embrace the new changes which are about to happen in your life.


     2. You love engaging with other cultures.

Do you like being around different nationalities? Do you like hearing different languages and sometimes

try to understand what they mean? Do you like discovering art and tasting cuisines from different

cultures? Or do you just want to stay with your fellow Filipinos?

Australia is very multi-cultural country where you can learn so much about the different cultures of the

world. If you answered yes to the first three questions I asked above, then you are ready to celebrate

and take part of Australia’s cultural diversity.


    3. You don’t mind doing household chores and enjoy being a hands on

parent (if you have kid/s).

In Australia, you most probably won’t have a stay in maid or a nanny unlike what you used to have in the

Philippines. You will have to do your own household chores, look after your kids (if you have), and of

course, still have your full time job.

This definitely calls for strategic time management but at least you get to spend time with your children

which can lead to a stronger family bonding. For me, it would be great to have a nanny but the time I

spend with my children is so precious and priceless!