Visa Fees Increase

There will be an increase on visa application charges starting on the 1s of July 2015 (beginning of the Australian Financial Tax Year).  The rate of increase is from 2.3% up to 50%.  However, the most common visas have the least increase rate.

Here’s a table that shows the visa types and its corresponding visa application charge increase.

Visa Type Percentage Increase
Permanent Migration Skill Stream 2.3%
Skilled Graduate 2.3%
Temporary Long Stay Business (457) 2.3%
Visitor 2.3%
Student 2.3%
Temporary Resident Short Term Business 5%
Entertainment 5%
Working Holiday 5%
Resident Return 5%
Retirement Investor 5%
Contributory Parent 5%
Other Family 10%
Non Contributory Parent 10%
Significant Investor 50%