Australian Visas Grants Report (July 2013-June 2014)

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has released the latest Migration Trends Report covering the 2013-14 Financial Year.   Below are some interesting facts:

What is the makeup of Australia’s population in June 2013?

Country of birth Estimated resident population at 30 June 2013
United Kingdom 1,222,570
New Zealand 608,820
People’s Republic of China 427,590
India 369,680
Vietnam 215,460
Other countries 3,567,270
Total 6,411,390

Source: ABS Migration, Australia (3412.0)

How many PR visas were granted and from which country were the applicants?

Citizenship Migration Programme visa places 2013–14


People’s Republic of China


United Kingdom






Other countries


Total       190,000

Source data: Migration Reporting, DIBP

India tops the list with 20% share of the total approved visas, followed by China at 14%, UK at 12% and the Philippines at 5.4%.

How many Temporary visas were granted and from which country were the applicants?

Category Grants 2013–14
Visitors1 3,969,215
Working Holiday Makers 239,592
Students 292,060
Temporary Work (Skilled)2 98,571
Temporary Graduate 22,867
Other temporary visas3 83,034
Total 4,705,339

Source data: Visa Reporting, DIBP

1. Visitor visas are reported as offshore grants only and exclude a small number where the client is onshore.
2. Excludes subclass 457 Independent Executive.
3. Excludes Bridging visas.

 A huge portion of the temporary visas were granted to visitors which covers 84% of the total visa grants.  Student visas cover 6.2% of the total visa grants which grew 12.6% from the previous year.

The 457 visa grants (Temporary Work, Skilled) fell 22% from previous year and the top three nationalities who received visa approvals were:

India at 24,521 grants

UK at 16,708 grants, and the

People’s Republic of China at 6159 grants

These information were gathered from the link below:


It will be interesting to see the migration trends for the 2014-2015 financial year.  We’ll surely publish this on our website for your information.